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I'm Esther M. Tubbs and
I'm delighted you've found my website.


Please let me share the expression of life with you as I see it. My paintings are a journey into creativity that reflect a growing discovery of ways to work in water media. The progression of my style began with a simple expression of my search for creativity in an oil painting I did while in my first year of college.  I painted in acrylics in an impressionistic style for some time and then branched out into watercolors. Later I moved into the use of mixed media, pour techniques and collage in order to obtain an abstract basis for my paintings.


My collection of work demonstrates my love of nature color, light and strong motion both in rendering landscapes and figures as well as creating non-objective expressions. I hope you will experience a fresh and exhilarating dimension of the world around you as you view my work.  

Signature Membership
in the
Tallahassee Watercolor Society

Directed the Summer Showcase Regional Competition & Exhibition, Thomasville Cultural Center



Work shown in numerous regional juried art competitions and invitational exhibits


Taught painting and drawing

classes in Georgia, Florida, Missouri and Louisianna



Cultural Center



Outreach Director  retiring in 2007

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