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Penny G. Anderson, GWS, WSA, TaWS

Tallahassee, Florida

I have known Esther Tubbs for some time and have always enjoyed talking all things art with her.  Esther is an accomplished, professional artist of the highest degree. Her work reflects her knowledge of the elements that make a painting successful and it is a joy to look at her paintings.  She has been a member of the Tallahassee Watercolor Society for many years and her work has been displayed in our juried exhibitions.  Esther is not only a fine artist but a promoter of good art with the knowledge she is happy to share with her fellow artists. 

Nina Allen Freeman, FWS, GWS, TaWS, ISAP-FL

Tallahassee, Florida

Esther Tubbs, my friend for many years, is a gifted painter, event organizer, teacher and writer. We worked together to organize several workshops and her professionalism was a major asset to their success. Esther’s paintings have a feeling of movement and atmosphere that is unique. Soft color and transparent effects often lend other-worldliness to her subjects. I look forward to seeing more of Esther’s work.


Nancy Sleger

Pastor, Gulf Coast Community Church

Gulfport, Mississippi

Esther Tubbs is an outstanding prophetic artist, teacher, leader and conference speaker. She is disciplined in both the arts and theology and has the collective gifting to combine the creative arts and the written word to release visual art with "Present Day Truth" application. Having conducted a workshop with her in the past, I can attest to her exciting presentation and unique skills. I personally own artwork from Esther and they continue to inspire me on a daily basis!

Rosemary S. Ferguson

Tallahassee, Florida

Esther Tubbs is my friend and artist colleague.  Her paintings always have a beautiful transparent quality to them and are full of small painterly delights with a heightened color here and a deliciously complicated reflection there.  I am always attracted to the misty look she achieves in many of her paintings which seem to add some extra enjoyment to the viewer.  Esther and I worked on the 16th Century Painting Project at the Mary Brogan Museum of Art in Tallahassee and we have served on various other art committees as well.  She's a wonderful artist, an excellent writer and extremely professional and organized in everything she undertakes.

Barbara Cohenour, BFA, MT

Arts Affairs Coordinator, Tallahassee Community College

Thomasville, Georgia

Esther Tubbs is one of South Georgia/North Florida’s outstanding watercolorists.  Her traditional transparent watercolors are magnificent; they reflect her mastery in handling the medium in its most traditional manner.  Her work is never just photographic representation, but it rather reflects the spirit and sole of a person or place. Her superb sense of composition and use of color turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


She delights in the use of pours to create a structural framework for paintings. These inspire forms, themes, and thought provoking ideas.  Sometimes Esther’s pours are totally non-objective arrangements.  Over these non-objective pours she adds flourishes of color and texture that bring charm, spontaneity and personality to the work.


In recent years Esther has been exploring a newer direction, interlacing her more traditional transparent watercolor with other opaque water media. 


Esther is a profoundly competent artist who is never satisfied with the status quo, but rather is always expanding, changing, and moving forward with her art. She is an exceptional artist and an exceptional person.


I am a great admirer of Esther’s paintings and would highly recommend your adding an Esther Tubbs original to your collection.

Lynne Davis

Gainesville, Georgia

I met Esther while taking her watercolor class at a Christian Conference in Florida. I was on the verge of dismissing my artistic gift as a distraction to my pursuit of the Lord when I decided to attend her workshop. In God’s Divine Set-Up, He used Esther’s teaching, her life story and her revelatory intercessory prayer to set my feet in alignment with His will regarding my art and teaching gift. That weekend played a big part in setting my course for wonderful creative co-laboring with Him - the Lord of the Harvest.


Valerie Fritszche

Thomasville, Georgia

"The lush and varied subtropical colors in my painting, Crotons After the Rain by Esther M. Tubbs, TaWS, are reminiscent of growing up in South Florida. The painting is warm and soothing and transports me back to my school years in Coconut Grove, FL." This painting is part of the collection of Dr. Fred and Valerie Fritszche. Review of this painting is given by Valerie Fritszche.

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